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University Of Liverpool Scholarship

Many young students dream of studying abroad the prospect of immersing themselves in a new culture and discovering a new world is a thrilling prospect. For many, the opportunity to study abroad also means the possibility of a better and more secure future, turning a dream into a reality. Many people, however, must give up their dreams owing to financial restraints but that does not imply you have to. Nevertheless take your time to read through this page to know full details about University Of Liverpool Scholarship.

Overseas scholarships and financial aid have helped to break down barriers between international students and top colleges over the years. That’s why you need to apply for this scholarship to be opportuned to study abroad.

The University of Liverpool is a public university in Liverpool, England, that was founded in 1881 and is considered one of the most prominent colleges in the country. This is without a doubt the place to acquire higher education, with well-known research facilities, Nobel Laureates as lecturers, and a location in one of the country’s liveliest cities.

International students can apply for one of many scholarships to help defray the cost of tuition and living expenses.

Undergraduate Scholarship at University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is one of the most prestigious to enter, with an estimated admission rate of 13.9%.

Benefits Of Undergraduate Scholarship at University of Liverpool

  • Scholarship Amount: £1,000 tuition fee reduction for each consecutive year of study if you maintain a 70% or higher grade point average.
  • Duration: Scholarship lasts for how many years course program you’re running
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Eligibility Criteria For Undergraduate Scholarship at University of Liverpool

  • Non-EU international students who are not able to pay full international tuition fees.
  • Applicants must In their previous year of study at the University of Liverpool, had an overall average of 70% or above first attempt only (Not Applicable To All)
  • This award is not available to students who have formal support that exceeds the whole cost of their program.
  • Individuals who are also from the Liverpool International College (UoLIC) are not eligible because they are eligible for a different scholarship.
  • If a scholar spends a year abroad or in industry, whether required or not, the scholarship will not be applied for that time period.

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Postgraduate Scholarship At University of Liverpool

This fantastic scholarship at the University of Liverpool is for international students who are currently enrolled in a University of Liverpool undergraduate program and wish to progress to full-time or part-time study, as well as international students who have completed their education in another country but wish to pursue a postgraduate taught program, including MRes qualifications.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Scholarship amount: £20,000 reduction in tuition fee for the first year of study
  • Scholarship Duration: offer lasts while the study duration is still valid

Eligibility Criteria For Postgraduate Scholarship At University of Liverpool

  • The IPGRS application form, which may be found by clicking on the scholarship link, must be completed by all applicants. On the same website, you can see the terms and conditions.
  • This University of Liverpool scholarship is available to international students who are entering a one-year full-time Master’s program and have a UK first-class undergraduate degree award or comparable qualification as determined by the University of Liverpool.
  • This scholarship is available for International students.
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