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Undergraduate Scholarship In Ukraine For International Students

As an eastern Slavic country, Ukraine has a long and fascinating history. Ukraine, formerly known as Kyivan Rus, was absorbed into the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, from which it recovered independence in the mid-seventeenth century. Even as a member of the Soviet Socialist Republics, Ukraine maintained its nationalistic spirit and regained independence in 1991. Ukraine is still working to achieve an internal equilibrium that does not entail excessive government control.

Have you been looking for information on how to secure an Ukraine scholarship without stress? This page lists current scholarships in Ukraine for Nigerians, international students, and students from other African developing countries. Some of these scholarships are fully financed, while others are partially funded, and they are available to both postgraduates and students for Bachelors Degrees, Masters, Ph.D., Fellowships, and other postgraduate and undergraduate programs. The majority of these scholarships are supported in part by the Ukrainian government and private entities.


Study In Ukraine

In Ukraine, there are six different types of higher education institutions, each with its own accreditation level. Institutions having the highest level of accreditation, such as universities, academies, and conservatories, offer bachelor’s degree programs and higher.

Universities in Ukraine typically require four years to acquire undergraduate degrees. Russian, Ukrainian, English, and French are among the languages taught (for medical programs only). International applicants may be required to take a language competency test or to study Russian and/or Ukrainian for one academic year at a preparatory faculty. Students studying English or French do not need to attend the preparatory faculty; instead, they can take the language as an independent course while pursuing their degree. Before you apply, double-check the language(s) in which your course will be taught.

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  • International Scholarships for Ukraine Students
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List Of Available Scholarships In Ukraine

  • scholarships To Study In Ukraine For International Students.
  • Best Medical Schools in Ukraine for International Students
  • Apply For Ukraine Global Scholarship¬†
  • Ukrainian Leaders Fellowship Program at Stanford University in the USA
  • Fulbright Scholar Program for Ukraine Students in USA


Tuition Fees In Ukraine

Tuition rates vary by university in Ukraine, you can get engineering, business, and legal courses in English for as little as 1750 dollars, while other top colleges charge up to 2700 dollars. The minimum tuition fees for english medium courses in Ukrainian medical universities for mbbs(md) are 3500$, and the maximum is 4200$.


Living Cost For International Students Studying In Ukraine

In terms of housing, food, and everyday expenses, Ukraine is a very inexpensive country; however, we can’t ascertain an estimate of costs. The cost of living varies from city to city, for example, living expenses in Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, are more than in other places.


Accomodation For International Students In Ukraine

Rental fees are determined by the sort of lodging you select, as well as its condition, location, and amenities. Renting a flat in the city’s downtown or close to the university will be more expensive. It’s important to keep in mind that rental prices vary per city.

In Kyiv, a single-room flat or studio apartment costs $400-$500; in Kharkiv, a single-room costs $300-$400; and in Lviv, a single-room costs $300 and above.

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Scholarship Application Requirements To Study in Ukraine

  • Name, Surname, middle name;
  • Citizenship
  • Country of residence;
  • Date Of Birth
  • Place of birth,
  • Gender
  • Passport
  • Permanent address, where you stayed last 6 months,
  • Active mobile number,
  • Active e-mail address;
  • Name of the Country where you are going to obtain your visa;
  • Scan copy of the international passport
  • Scan copy of mark-sheets and certificate of Higher Secondary Education.
  • The copy of birth certificate signed by a notary;
  • Medical certificate
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How To Apply For Scholarship to Study In Ukraine

Do you want to study in another country? if the answer is YES!! Then take note of this: Ukraine is a cost-effective, high-quality study abroad option for you. Without exception, almost all Ukrainian universities are available and open to international students. Ukraine’s educational system is also of high quality, with English being taught in almost all of the country’s universities.


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