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Undergraduate Scholarship In Russia For International Students

Studying in Europe is quiet the dream of some international students, most expecially Russia but the challenges of tuition fee and other educational expenses has deprived many of the opportunity to fullfill there academic dreams. For international students and local students who want to study abroad, applying for a scholarship in Russia might open up a world of possibilities and academic opportunities which will give a boost to your career.

For an European country like Russia which has posed out to have most schools in the continent, this actually means that there are more scholarship opportunities in russia, as well as low living costs. Russian universities provide a wide range of high-quality study programs at affordable tuition fees this i guess you wont want to miss out on.


Schooling In Russia

The Bologna principles underpin Russia’s current education system, which comprises bachelor’s, specialized, master’s, postgraduate, clinical internship, and other degrees of education. This is a full-fledged higher-education program. A Bachelor’s Degree programme is open to individuals who have finished schooling comparable to Russian general secondary or vocational secondary education. The four-year program provides general fundamental training. Students defend their treatise at the end of their degree. If the student is successful, he or she will receive a Bachelor’s Degree certificate (BA, BSc). The certificate allows the student to work in their field or continue their education with a Master’s Degree program.

Russian education is renowned for its long history, classical traditions, strong scientific foundation, and high level of education. Years of expertise are inextricably linked to cutting-edge technology, inviting campuses, and cutting-edge laboratories. Every year, new scholarship opportunities are been created to accomadate the ever rising applications, as well as new types of support, such as international grants and new scholarships. Through the official website of the Russian government, you can select a suitable education program and apply for scholarship online

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Tuition Fees in Russia

Tuition Fees in Russia is quiet affordable. A minimum annual cost of 120 thousand rubles ($2,000) is required. The annual limit is 623 580 rubles ($ 10,543). The average cost of a Specialist degree at a Russian medical university is 250-270 thousand rubles ($4,170-4,500) each year.

Scholarship In Russia For International Students

Apartment cost

Getting an apartment in Russia might not pose as a problem financially as the average Russian student’s monthly accommodation budget is 35,000 rubles (thatas approximately USD $450). Nevertheless the cost of an apartment will be determined by where you live and how you live.


Health insurance

Every international student studying  or wants to study in Russia is required to get health insurance. To avoid problems, it is preferable to obtain health insurance prior to arriving in the country. The cost of insurance ranges between 6000 to 20000 rubles, depending on the services provided and the cost of the covering (about $90 to $310).

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How To Apply For Russia Scholarship

I know you have come a long way to make sure you get this scholarship but you must not forget that you need to be very much prepared when applying for this scholarship to study in russia .you can apply for the scholarship with the official russian government scholarship website below.

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Russia Scholarship

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