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Undergraduate Scholarship In Portugal For International Students

Ever dreamt of studying in portugal? then you have gotten to the right place where you get detailed informations about studying in portugal. Portugal is one of the cheapest countries in Europe, with low living costs, and Portuguese colleges provide a wide range of high-quality study programs at reasonable pricing.

International students seeking a degree in Europe will find Portugal to be an appealing and accessible option. Portugal’s higher education system is divided into public and private institutions, universities and polytechnics, with a general emphasis on theory and research. There are 47 universities, 74 polytechnics, and six police or military academies in this westernmost country from mainland Europe. Polytechnics emphasis on the practical side of teaching, whereas university degrees are more valued by national and foreign students.


Study In Portugal

Apart from the beautiful landscape, warm climate, and rich cultural experiences, Portugal has another advantage for international students: it is one of the most affordable places to live in Europe, which is especially advantageous given the incredible cuisine and local wines. The major cities are extremely cosmopolitan, with a thriving, modern music and nightlife culture. With that, and the country’s natural beauty, there’s always something to do in Portugal.

Portugal distinguishes between universities that are primarily research-driven and polytechnics that are more practice-oriented. The majority of courses are taught in Portuguese, however there is an increasing number of English-taught courses, especially at the Master’s level.

Undergraduate Scholarship In Portugal For International Students

Tuition fees in Portugal for international students

Private universities in Portugal have slightly higher tuition fees than public universities, ranging from €3500 to €3900 per year for all study levels.

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Non-EU/EEA program students normally pay higher tuition, although based on a student’s final scores, certain private Portuguese universities give discounts of up to 100% on lecture fees. It’s also worth noting that in Portugal, most public higher education institutions charge tuition annually, whilst most private institutions charge tuition on a monthly basis.

The above-mentioned tuition fees mostly apply to EU/EEA students. You should expect to spend more in tuition if you are not an EU/EEA citizen. This is not true for all study programs because fees are set by each higher education institution. Always examine what tuition expenses apply to students from your country to avoid any misunderstanding or overspending


Accommodation costs In Portugal

For overseas students, Portugal has a wide range of housing alternatives, including university-owned residences, private homes, and student halls run by private organizations.

The majority of institutions have residence halls that they rent out to students. Because there is no centralized service for housing applications, students interested in renting a room in a university-owned hall can inquire with their institution’s international or housing office.

Renting a privately owned room or apartment is another option for international students seeking for accommodation in Portugal, your university should be able to assist you with this.

Undergraduate Scholarship In Portugal For International Students

Living Costs in Portugal

In comparison to many other Western European nations, the cost of living in Portugal is significantly friendlier to your pocket size no matter where you study. For many overseas students, money is a major consideration.


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How To Apply For Scholarship To Study In Portugal

For international students and Portuguese students who want to study abroad, applying for a scholarship in Portugal might open up a world of possibilities. In Portugal, you can study on fully or partially payed scholarships. Every year, the Portuguese government and universities award scholarships to overseas students and local citizens.


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