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Undergraduate Scholarship In Germany

There are many international students all over the world who at some point in time would like to study abroad but this dreams are cut short by lack of funds to sponsor or pursue such dreams but never worry much about that. This post is specially for interested international students that has dreams of studying in Germany, there are numerous scholarships available for German and international students to study in Germany and abroad at the high school, undergraduate, masters, and PhD levels.

On other hand many international students continue to search online about whether or not tuition in Germany is free. Although we cannot say yes or no that education in Germany is free, but we can boldly say we do know that there are several scholarship opportunities available to both German and international students who wishes to study in Germany. Here on our website you get detailed informations on some fully financed scholarships to study German abroad. Internships, scholarships for German and international undergraduates, and master’s and doctoral students are all available in Germany.

Scholarship In Germany For International Students

Study In Germany

For international students seeking an international education, Germany has become a popular destination. In comparison to the United Kingdom, the United States, or Australia, German universities provide internationally recognized programs at a lower cost. Furthermore, there are numerous scholarships available that allow international students to study in Germany for free. Starting from October 2014. All German universities no longer collect tuition fees for undergraduate studies. Universities in several Federal States will impose a semester contribution (about 50 euros) and/or administrative fees (about 50 euros).

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Eligibility To Apply For German Scholarships For International Students


Depending on where you are from and how long you expect to stay in Germany as an international student, you may need an entry visa, for international students in some other European country you might not need a visa.


For many countries you will need to provide a health insurance proof so germany is not an exception. You must have health insurance in order to study in Germany. When you enroll at the institution and apply for a residence permit, you must show proof of health insurance.


You will need a university admission qualification if you wish to study at a German university. This is a high school diploma that qualifies you for university studies, well for those who might not understand its called school leaving certificate


Before you begin your education, you must at least show a proof that you have sufficient financial resources to support yourself. In most circumstances, applicants must provide evidence to show that they have approximately 8,700 euros available for a year. But since you are applying for scholarship you have nothing to worry


Knowledge of German is required for entrance to most degree programs at in some universities in germany. If you want to enroll in an international degree program, you don’t need to know German but its actually a prerequisite


How To Apply For Scholarship In Germany

Additionally, use the links below to apply for any of the German and international student scholarships that you are eligible for.

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