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Dubai Scholarship

Many colleges in the UAE provide scholarships to international students as a result of bilateral agreements between the UAE government and other nations.

Dubai is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, generally known as the UAE, and it is the country’s most populous city. The city is huge and developed, and it houses the Arab Emirates’ rich culture and economic progress. Dubai’s main source of revenue is crude oil, but it is also the largest business center in Asia, with revenue coming from tourism, trade, aviation, real estate, and other financial services.

Study In Dubai

International students go to the United Arab Emirates to study. Many universities and institutions are establishing campuses for international students, making it a hotspot for international education. Students wishing to study in Dubai must first get a Study Visa, which is only valid for full-time programs. Because the student visa is only valid for 12 months, students must renew their visa at the end of that time if their program is longer. For programs lasting shorter than a year, students are granted short-term visas.

List Of Scholarships To Study In Dubai For International students

  • Dubai Scholarships
  • Scholarships in Dubai
  • Dubai Scholarships for International Students
  • Study Abroad in the United Arab Emirates
  • Dubai Scholarships For African Students
  • UAE funding for Developing Countries

Work And Study In Dubai

Students in Dubai can now work part-time while attending classes. Students enrolled in Dubai’s creative clusters’ 23 academic institutions can take advantage of the DDA’s new student part-time work legislation, which is a first for Dubai’s creative clusters and the region’s free zones.

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Eligibility Criteria For Dubai Scholarship

  • You need to be an active high school graduate student .
  • You need to have a sound high school Academic Standing .
  • Have no other financial sponsorship
  • Scholarship is open to all countries
  • Applicants must be at least 18yrs of age as at time of applying for the scholarship

How To Apply For Scholarship In Dubai

You should apply as soon as possible if you want to study for free in the United Arab Emirates. By submitting your application forms and other prerequisites early, you can increase your chances of being accepted. Being an early bird in your applications can undoubtedly help a lot in the application process, in addition to your great application and good previous academic performance.


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