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Malaysia, officially known as the Federation of Malaysia or the Malaysia Federation, is one of Southeast Asia’s most popular and visited countries. Malaysia has had the finest and most stable economic performance of any country on the Asian continent. The nation’s natural resources have been a significant contributor to the economy. Malaysia, on the other hand, has been a popular tourism destination in recent decades.

Malaysia’s tourist business has grown to include particular features such as medical tourism and eco-tourism. Malaysia is also worth visiting because of its large transportation network, as well as its superb educational institutes and facilities.

A large number of foreign citizens wishing to visit Malaysia must obtain a visa before entering the country. There are several sorts of visas available for travel to Malaysia right now. The type of visa required for travel to Malaysia is determined by the individual’s citizenship and the purpose of their visit.

Documents Required for Malaysia Visa application

  • Authentic passport
  • Photocopies of the applicant’s passport (two (2)).
  • Photocopies of the visa application form (two (2)). (Form IMM.47)
  • Two (2) passport-size photos of the applicant are required.
  • The original ticket as well as two (2) photocopies (confirmed and returned ticket)
  • Traveler’s check / bank statement
  • Letter of invitation (if any)
  • Payment of the visa application fee

Types Of Malaysia Visa

Before applying for malaysian visa you need to make enquiries on the kinf of visa that best suit your purpose of visiting the country, which you tend to get every detailed info of the types of visa offered by the malaysian government.

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1. Single Entry Visa

This is given to foreign nationals who need a visa to visit Malaysia for social reasons. It is usually good for only one entry and for three (3) months from the date of issue.

2. Multiple Entry Visa

This is given to foreign citizens who need a visa to visit Malaysia for business or governmental related purposes. It usually has a validity duration of three (3) to twelve (12) months from the date of issuing.

3. Transit Visa

This is given to foreign people who need a visa to transit through Malaysia on their way to another country. A transit visa is not required for foreign people who transit without leaving the airport and continue their travel to their next destination on the same flight.

Malaysia Visa Application Processing Time

The time it takes to get a Malaysian visa varies on your nation, the method you use to apply, the time of year, and whether you have all of the necessary documents.

  • If you apply in person to the malaysian embassy in your home country or country where you are applying for, the processing time is determined on the office that receives your application. Nonetheless, the Malaysia visa is usually processed within 7-8 business days.
  • If you apply for a visa online (eVisa), it should take no more than four business days.
  • Your visa should be processed within 2 to 3  business days if you apply through eNTRI.

Difference Between Malaysian Visa And Pass

Lots of persons might want to wonder what is the difference betweeen malaysian visa and malaysian pass, well both are similar but very different kinda entry document into malaysia.

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A Malaysian Visa enables the user to go to Malaysia, whereas a Malaysia Pass specifies the purpose of the trip. Some Passes are given out at the port of entry upon arrival, while others, such as an Employment Pass, must be obtained before applying for a visa.

Malaysia Entry Visa Eligibility

visa for Malaysia Depending on the nature of the visit, elements such as application forms, payment of visa fees, documents, and other requirements affect applications for employment, visits, business, and tourism. You will either apply for a visa without reference or a visa with reference, depending on the nature and purpose of your visit.

Malaysian Visa on Arrival

If you are an Indian or Chinese citizen, you may apply for a Malaysia Visa On Arrival (valid for a maximum of 7 days) if you match the following criteria, You are flying directly from Indonesia, Singapore, or Thailand, and you have a valid visa from one of those countries as well as a minimum of 1000 dollar per person and a return trip ticket.

How To Apply For Malaysia Visa

  • Find A Malaysian Representative Office in your home counry or country of application.
  • The application form can be downloaded online too.
  • Complete the file of documents.
  • Along with the materials, submit the application.
  • Wait for the processing to complete.

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