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Have you been looking for a way to travel abroad to Israel? Then this post is for you as we have put down every detailed information you need to know about traveling to Israel.

Israel is a small Middle Eastern country around the size of Lagos, lying on the Mediterranean Sea’s eastern coastline and bordered by Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. With a population of more than 9 million people, the majority of whom are Jewish, Israel has many important archaeological and religious sites revered by Jews, Muslims, and Christians alike, as well as a complicated history marked by periods of peace and conflict.

The name Israel is derived from Abraham’s grandson, Jacob, who was renamed “Israel” in the Bible by the Hebrew God.

Requirements To Apply For Israel Visa

Before applying for Israel visa, make sure you have all of the necessary paperwork to avoid delays. Let’s get started straight away without wasting too much of your time.

As part of your application for an entry visa to Israel, you will need to gather a few documents.

  1. At the time of visa application, a travel passport must have at least three consecutive blank pages and a validity period of at least ten (10) months.
  2. There is a non-refundable visa application fee. Only cash is accepted.
  3. Two passport-sized pictures in clear color. (white background, 5cm x 5cm)
  4. Applicants must show an evidence that you are employed or running a business. For example, a letter of employment, a certificate of incorporation/registration, or any other documentation of a company enterprise.
  5. Account statement for the previous six months (Corporate accounts) + six months (Personal accounts). Only six months of statements are necessary for Personal Accounts holders. (Corporate account holders must be signatories to the account and demonstrate proof of ownership of the company.)
  6. Make a hotel and airline flight reservation and bring the confirmation to the Israeli embassy in the country from which you are applying.
  7. Applicants traveling with children under the age of 18 must present birth certificates authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of application’s Legal Department.
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Apply For Israel Visa Online

The Israeli government has stated that the eVisa system will be implemented by spring 2022. However, few specifics have been provided, and the actual date of the visa’s debut is currently uncertain.

The Israel electronic visa (eVisa) is a digital entrance permit that will allow international visitors to visit the country in the near future.

It will be comprised of an online platform meant to speed up the application procedure for an Israel visa.

It will enable foreign nationals from qualified countries to apply for an Israel visa from the convenience of their own homes.

This will save you time and money by avoiding unnecessary travels to the Israeli consulate.

How To Apply For Israel Visa

In order for the embassy to process your application for an Israeli visa, you will need to pay a certain sum of money.

If the applicant decides to withdraw his or her application or if the embassy rejects their visa application, the visa fees are non-refundable.

The Israeli visa fee is needed by the government to cover the costs associated with the processing of visa applications.

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