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Masters Degree Scholarship In Switzerland

The world’s most gorgeous tourist destination is quickly becoming the world’s most popular study abroad location. International students studying in Switzerland benefit from a safe environment as well as excellent academic credentials and research opportunities all around the world.

Higher education is highly regarded and instituted in Switzerland. Switzerland has become increasingly generous over the years as a result of the large number of international students that choose this country as their academic destination. Please see this article for a comprehensive overview of Swiss scholarships, whereas this one will focus just on Swiss scholarships for international students.


Study In Switzerland

The Swiss Confederation annually gives Government Excellence Scholarships to worldwide post-graduate researchers in any field. This is done in order to encourage international interchange and scientific collaboration between Switzerland and 180 other countries.

The Swiss government offers scholarships through the Federal Commission for Foreign Student Scholarships, which is based on relationships with a number of nations (FCS). Postgraduate students and artists are eligible for these awards.


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International Students Living Expenses In Switzerland

Living in Switzerland is quiet really expensive, and sticking to your monthly budget without compromising might be difficult. Accommodation, food, transportation, supplies, and leisure activities should all be covered within a monthly budget of 1,300 – 1,700 EUR. The most costly cities are Geneva and Zurich, where you may need a monthly budget of more than 1,700 EUR.


Eligibility Criteria To Apply For Masters Degree Scholarship In Switzerland

  • International students having internationally recognized and appropriate educational qualifications and certificates are required.
  • Documents must be submitted on time and in compliance with the application process.
  • Excellent students local and international who wishes to pursue their Master’s degree program in Switzerland are eligible for the scholarship.
  • Before applying for the scholarship, the applicant must have completed their Bachelors Degree.
  • Have been accepted into a master’s program at one of Switzerland’s schools
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Application Process For Masters Degree Scholarship In Switzerland

  • Apply and submit your application form online
  • Compose a letter of motivation at least 1 to 2 pages and upload online
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Scan of your passport not older than 3 months
  • Two letters of recommendation from a professor (maximum 1000 words)


How To Apply For Masters Degree Scholarship In Switzerland

Building on their speciality, students can continue their personal development and boost their professions with a master’s degree. International students participating in a master’s degree program will be eligible for the International Academic Scholarship.


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