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Lots of persons might be asking or looking for a way to apply for free visa to Qatar or probably visa requirements to travel to Qatar, seek no more as you have found the right plug to get every detailed information you need to visit Qatar. Either as a tourist, study or permanent visa to Qatar, but before that lets take a quick look at some brief history about Qatar.

History of Qatar

Qatar has been inhabited for thousands of years. The Bahraini Al Khalifa family ruled the region until 1868, when the British negotiated the termination of the Bahraini claim, except for the payment of tribute, at the request of Qatari nobility. When the Ottoman Empire seized Qatar in 1872, the tribute was terminated. The Qatar Petroleum Company, a subsidiary of the Iraq Petroleum Company, which was owned by Anglo-Dutch, French, and US interests, was granted a 75-year oil concession in 1935. Dukhan, on the western side of the Qatari peninsula, was the site of a high-quality oil discovery in 1940. The advent of WWII, however, delayed the exploitation of Qatar’s oil reserves, and oil exports did not commence until 1949. Increasing oil profits in the 1950s and 1960s brought affluence, fast immigration, significant social change, and the start of Qatar’s modern history. When the United Kingdom announced in 1968 (and reaffirmed in March 1971) that treaty relations with Gulf sheikdoms would end, Qatar joined the other eight states under British protection at the time (the seven trucial sheikdoms, which are now the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain) in a plan to form an Arab Emirates union.

Types of Qatar Visa

It is very much needed for you to know the kind of visa a country offers to anyone who wants to visit or reside permanently in their country, so far we are going to list out the list of visa the government of Qatar offers to travellers.

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Visas for tourists

Visas for business

Visas for work

Visas for family members

Visas for residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

Free Visa To Qatar

Some travelers to Qatar require a visa however nationals of more than 80 countries are eligible for visa free entry to Qatar, and certain passengers are eligible for visas on arrival. All expatriate residents, as well as some visitors, must acquire exit permits before leaving Qatar. It’s best to double-check these prerequisites before embarking on your travel for your own convenience and comfort.

Qatar Visa Requirements

Because Qatar is primarily an Arabic speaking country, all papers submitted once the applicant has been granted access will be in Arabic. In addition, applicants must confirm their good health by presenting the relevant health test results, particularly for HIV and Tuberculosis. It is deemed neccessary for applicants who are traveling with their families or spouses to Qatar must meet the minimum conditions for remaining in the country. One of them is the prohibition on drinking alcohol.

  • A valid International passport with at least two blank pages and a six-month validity period is required.
  • Appended to the application form is a properly filled out application form with the applicant’s signature.
  • 2 passport-size colour photographs
  • Any of the following papers may be used: -Details on where you’ll be staying if you’re applying for a tourist visa. For family visa applicants, an invitation letter from a sponsor in Qatar is required. -Tax returns from the last two years. -Along with any other documentation that support the proposed visit’s purpose.
  • Proof of medical coverage
  • Payment proof for a visa application
  • Financial capacity documentation
  • Introduction Letter
  • Certificate of Marriage
  • Certificate of Birth for Children (if any)
  • Bank statement over the previous six months
  • Evidence of ownership
  • Clearance of taxes
  • family photos
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Qatar Visa Processing Time

The first step in tracking the status of an application is to ensure that all relevant requirements have been met and that the application form has been submitted. Processing time ranges from 4 to 15 working days, depending on a number of circumstances. There is almost never a solution to speed up the processing time.

Qatar Visa Fee

$45 is the cost of a Qatar visa as at the time of publishing this post. Please note that the cost of visa to Qatar is subject to review as there are no exact or permanent Qatar visa fee

How To Apply For Qatar Visa

1. Go to the Qatar embassy’s website and download the visa application form.

2. Print the hard copy and fill in your information carefully. (If you can’t receive it online, you should get it from the Embassy directly.)

3. Submit the duly completed and signed visa application form to the Qatari embassy.

4. Please you are to also attach the following documents:

  •  A valid international passport with unused visa pages and at least six months’ validity.
  • A photocopy of your passport’s data page.
  • Two passport-sized photographs with a white background, taken recently.
  • Evidence of a sufficient basic travel allowance to cover your entire stay in Qatar.
  • Evidence of a hotel reservation or proof of lodging in Qatar.
  • Booking confirmation showing your arrival and departure dates from Qatar.
  • Explanation of why you’re going to Qatar.
  • Proof of medical coverage.

Photocopy of the company’s business registration and a letter of invitation from the sponsor or company welcoming you.
Evidence of a living situation and financial responsibility.

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